Last October the teenagers of the group of MYM (Missionary Youth Movement) in Mathare Valley (Nairobi) had been guided by some youth and the sisters in reading and understanding a few passages from the Bible, dealing with the life of prophet Elijah:

1 Kings 21: 1 - 21; 1 Kings 18: 20 - 39;

1 Kings 19: 9 - 14; 2 Kings 2: 1 - 15.

What Elijah lived, his friendship with the Lord, the call of young Elisha, had been a guide to our teenagers in discovering meaningful and personal answers to the following questions:

How can we live together?

Which kind of God is God?

Which is our true happiness?

The children of PMC (Pontifical Missionary Children) too, had been involved in this experience.

The life of prophet Elijah had been acted and dramatized by the teenagers in a way understandable to the children, in order to help them to enter into the meaning of the message of the Bible.

Eventually the four Sundays of October in which we had been involved in those activities, had been a joyful and fruitful opportunity to discover the call for all of us too, to be prophets and, following Elijah’s way of living, to become friends of the Lord, in our families, at school, with our friends…

This is a great challenge to children and youth living in Mathare Valley, as the environment does not help them to meet Jesus and to choose his friendship; yet their enthusiasm for what had been offered to them had been for us sisters a genuine sign of the Holy Spirit working in everyone, in a faithful and gentle manner.